The Vertical Slice #3: Goodbye Iwata-San

//“>// We’re back, but with zero news. What We’ve Been Up To Lifeline (Mobile) inFamous (PS3) Dying Light Wedding Ringer DiveKick TMNT: OOTS (PS3) Her Story (PC)… Read more “The Vertical Slice #3: Goodbye Iwata-San”

The Vertical Slice #2: Ian Malcolm’s Hilarious Laugh

//“>// After a month-long hiatus, Austin and Chris return to talk all about the games they’re most excited about from E3 2015. This week, we’re also trying… Read more “The Vertical Slice #2: Ian Malcolm’s Hilarious Laugh”

The Vertical Slice #1: It’s All Over

//“>// Welcome to the VERY FIRST episode of The Vertical Slice, the official podcast of Vertical Slice (sorry if that confuses you). This week, we talk about… Read more “The Vertical Slice #1: It’s All Over”