Captain Skeleton Tours Vault 83

Join the Cap’n while he tries to make it happ’n.

Why You Should Pick Up Quantum Break: The Secret History of Time Travel

So, if you’ve been looking at all at my Xbox LIVE profile in the past 5 days or so, you’ve probably seen the cavalcade of game clips, screenshots, and Achievements from a game I’ve been excited for since its’ reveal at a pre-E3 press conference for the Xbox One: Quantum Break.

Now, having finished it and going into what I like to call “review mode”, I thought that I should take some time and tell you about this underappreciated startegy guide/behind the scenes look at Remedy Entertainment, as well as the games leading up to Quantum Break and some behind the scenes stuff from the most recent release.

So, if you’re feeling like you might be interested in taking a peek into why I love it, glance below.


Heazie Plays: Fallout 4 – Part 7– Getting Tenpines Bluff’d

Fallout 4 - Part 7


If you’ve ever wanted to watch me play Fallout 4, and let’s be honest, who wouldn’t – now is your chance!!  Up until this play through I had never used a melee weapon or thrown a punch in the current game.  This will be new to me, and hopefully, not an embarrassing experience.

Click to watch Part 7 of my Melee/Unarmed Female Fallout character (or use the video below). In this episode we’re on our way to Tenpines Bluff, but sort of get distracted.  As usual.

I love you.  Well, I don’t really love you.  Unless you watch the video.  Then I do love you.  Short time, but will turn into long time.

PS  If we’re being totally honest, no one would want to watch me play Fallout 4, but don’t tell anyone that.   Like the video, comment on it, share this with your friends.  I still owe my Bookie $800K…

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