The Failed Promise of USB-C and Fast Charging

As many of you know…well, the ones of you that follow me on Twitter, at least know that I’ve gone from owning an iPhone 7 to an Essential Phone (basically the co-founder of Android made his perfect idea for a phone) and when I opened the box, the Essential Phone came with a USB Type-C cable to put into the 27 Watt Fast Charger that also came with it.

Logan Review

A longstanding issue I’ve had with superhero movies is that the lack of consequences (for a prime example, rewatch Captain America: Civil War) and that they don’t necessarily “end” for a lack of a better term. With Logan, director James Mangold (who also directed the previous Wolverine solo film The Wolverine) seeks to send a loud and clear message to Hollywood: sometimes consequences and a definitive ending can be achieved without ruining your plans for your cinematic universe. Logan is the culmination of a tale of a loner who found a family that showed him a better life so many years ago.