Captain Skeleton Tours Vault 83




I have been streaming Fallout 4 with mods lately.  As a skeleton.  In a Captain America costume.  We like to have fun here, guys.

Anywho…  If you would like to see it live, follow me on Twitch and we can journey together.  If people request it (or I decide to not be lazy) I will also put certain “highlights” on my YouTube.  I’d appreciate the company, lurk or otherwise.  Thanks!!



This whole playthrough is being done so I can firstly, have fun streaming, and secondly, try out some really cool mods on Xbox One.  Because I love Xbox and enjoy playing it.  There are some really cool large-ish scale mods on XB1, and while it’s obviously not the vast and infinite paradise the PC and the Nexus can offer, the fun can now be had for the most part on console.  Let’s do some of it.  Either way, I appreciate whatever you can give me.  Especially food.  I’m so hungry…



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