Austin Squared #1: I’m You in Ten Years

Hello and welcome to Austin Squared, a film discussion podcast from me and my friend, Austin G.

On this week’s episode, we discuss the May 4th-May 6th box office numbers, Austin B rants a bit about the importance placed on box office earnings, rock on with Bill and Ted Face the Music, mull over Comcast possibly buying FOX, discuss whether we need Sherlock Holmes 3, get confused about the naming of the sequel to last year’s The Hitman’s BodyguardThe Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard, talk about how long MoviePass is going to last now that their cash investments have run out, talk new releases and what we watched this week.

You can listen below or listen to this on iTunes. If you have any questions or corrections, send them to me on Twitter @AustinBelzer via direct messaging and we’ll try to answer them next time we record!

If you want to catch us around the web, here’s where you can follow us:

Austin G’s Socials
Letterboxd – BigRed34
Twitter – greentweets34
Snapchat – greensnaps34
Instagram – greengrams34
Stardust – greendust34

Austin B’s Socials
Letterboxd – BladedTech
Twitter – AustinBelzer
Instagram – amatuerframing
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If you want to jump to a particualar place in the episode, we’ve got you covered:

5:00 – May 4th to May 6th Box Office Mojo Report
38:00 – Box Office Rant
46:00 – Bill and Ted Face the Music
53:25 – Comcast May Stop Disney From Buying FOX
58:23 – Sherlock Holmes 3 Set For Christmas 2020 (Includes spoilers for the previous film)
1:05:45 – The Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard Announced
1:09:34 – MoviePass’s Cash Ran Out
1:11:30 – New Releases
1:18:00 – What We Watched (AG – Bad News Bears, AB – Dear Dictator, Paddington 2)



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