tinyBuild Says #HelloSwitch


tinyBuild announces half a dozen games for Nintendo’s latest success story.



tinyBuild has been an indie darling for quite some time now, and since Nintendo’s latest home console/handheld has blown the doors wide open (some could argue completely off) in the favor of independent developers, it only makes sense that the 2 would team up to bring the newest and most successful in the dev’s library.



If you don’t have a half hour to watch the above video from the live streamed announcements, below is the list of games coming to the new hotness from the Big N:


  • The Final Station
  • Clustertruck
  • Punch Club
  • Party Hard
  • Streets of Rogue
  • Hello Neighbor


If you want an individualized account of each game and a trailer specific for said game, please check out this blog post from Alex Nichiporchik, CEO and all around homie at tinyBuild.



Oh, and this is also happening:





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