It’s Time to Reclaim a Dead Hashtag

#VideoGameFrustrations TVS


Hey, y’all.  Heazie here.  Let’s cut to the chase on this one.


As players of the games we label “video”, every now and then there are times when something gets under our skin.  When it be a major flaw in a specific game or just a little detail that irks you enough to feel some sort of pain towards.  I want to hear about it.  The Vertical Slice wants to hear about it.  And most importantly, I think the entire world that lives on (or is that in?) the Internet wants to hear about it.  So let’s get it going.  I’ll start:



See how easy that was?  Now it’s your turn.  Use the hashtag “#VideoGameFrustrations” and tag @VertSliceTweets and @Heazie so we can be notified to see them and maybe, if you’re a good little gamer, there will be enough retweets to show the Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy, and even Santa Claus you mean business.  No frustration is too big.  No frustration is too small.  Hell,  you may even convert some people to your side who never even thought of that as something to be peeved at.  I’m going to do my best to get a #VideoGameFrustrations tweet out once a day.  THE SKY IS THE LIMIT.*  Maybe I will lapse here and there.  Maybe with you guys retweeting and tweeting at me, I have no excuse to.  And maybe she’s born with it, but it’s probably Maybelline.




Let’s have some fun, friends.  Share this page.  Retweet the tweets.  Hug your loved ones.  Buy a giraffe.  I love you.



I don’t want to be sued or get anyone hurt (in that order), so the sky has to be the limit.  If you get into outer space, you’ll almost certainly die, especially without the proper training and equipment.  I can’t have that on my record. I got cats to feed.  Please space travel responsibly.


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