CD Projekt Red May Return to The Witcher

cd projekt red

Speaking to IGN CD Projekt Red CEO Adam Kiciński said the company may make a foray back into the world of The Witcher. The company still owns the rights to make more games based on The Witcher Universe and fans can’t seem to get enough of Geralt and his pals, myself included.




Kiciński seemed to make sure people understand this won’t be The Witcher 4, but rather a game set in the same universe. Perhaps a game based on the adventures of Ciri or maybe even something set in a time apart from Geralt and the familiar crew.




Whatever the next iteration of the next Witcher we see, don’t expect it anytime soon as CD Projekt Red is still working on its upcoming Cyberpunk 2077 title. Sound off in the comments below and tell us what you’d like to see in future Witcher games.





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