So… Yep, it’s been a while.

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If you’ve been paying attention to The Vertical Slice over the past few weeks, you’d clearly notice that the site’s been dormant, not a post to be seen.  There’s a reason for that…  I needed a break.  With the world the way it is these days, my brain was fried and I needed an escape to a nice, serene vacation spot.  It had to be done, and for that, I’m sorry.






That is definitely not the reason.  I posted briefly about it on Twitter and will explain in just a few details here as well since I know the vast majority (re: ALL) don’t give a poop about my personal issues.  So, here goes:

About a month ago (mid-July), I dislocated my jaw.  I didn’t know it at the time.  I just knew my jaw hurt and that I should just stop whining about it.  Then I did a couple of streams on YouTube and that really pushed the limits for me.  After that, I had to admit to myself something may actually be wrong.  Which I hate doing.  So, long story, medium length, I went to the doctor.  X-rays.  A day’s wait.  Dislocated jaw.  Because of my beard, it was not easy to notice unless you were looking for it.  Yay.

A week later I went up to Boston for a 2nd opinion to make sure it wasn’t actually broken from a “specialist” that apparently was non-existent around me.  Not broken.  Wicked awesome.  Plus, we made a day out of it.  Aside from keeping it in place, painkillers, and not needing surgery, the doctor told me the most important thing to do was keep the stress to an extreme minimum.  Both physically or otherwise.  Everyone is different, but we don’t realize the damage that could be done from just the wrong facial expression with this kind of injury.  With that info, I decided to not screw around with this one and actually listen to the doctor’s advice.  He told me 2 to 4 weeks of “rest and relaxation” along with the head wrap, but he’d expect it closer to a month.  I’m gonna make it about 3 and a half weeks as a compromise.  I expect to be back on 8/23/17.  I wrote the date, so it must be true.  I must stick to it.  Is this what Angry Joe feels like?




Yeah, this has been my life lately.  While I wish it were the first photo, it’s more akin to the vast wastelands from Fallout. Well, emotionally.  Mentally.  Eh, whatever the phrase(s) may be.  It was tougher to sleep (since I tend to sleep on my face like an animal), but I’m still alive.  Oh, and somewhere along the way during this annoyance I twisted my ankle and haven’t been able to walk on it until the last couple days.  Yes, I bought a Powerball ticket.  I’m feeling lucky, son!!

Aside from the obvious stuff, I learned something pretty big: I can’t keep running the site by myself.  It’s a crazy amount of work, believe it or not, Ripley.  A one man show does not a quality site make when it comes to the video game industry.  No, I’m not abandoning anything.  I just need to find good, honest, and hard-working help.  I’m talking every night is a late night, forget to sleep or take out the trash, miss important birthdays/anniversaries, and willing to sacrifice their firstborn to me in allegiance kind of help.  I doubt I’ll find that, so, I’m willing to lower my standards a bit.  A BIT.  You don’t need to sacrifice your first kid.  I’ll take a bench warmer, I don’t need a starter.  I’m not that greedy.  If anyone’s seriously interested, y’all know where to find me.  




Man, this was supposed to be like, 2 small paragraphs at most.  I have a huge problem when it comes to this kind of stuff; I can’t ever just stick to the plan.  Thankfully I didn’t have to say all this, and I can assure you my girlfriend is going to miss the days when I couldn’t ramble on with my motormouth.  Anyway…  If you made it this far, I appreciate your time and patience while this whole thing has been going on.  Here’s to getting back into the swing of things.  I hope I don’t break it.





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