Don’t Forget… tinyBuild’s Summer Sale is Happening on Steam!!



Hey, all!!

As we start our journey into the newly arrived Summer, any video game player worth his or her salt knows about Steam’s Summer Sale.  There are at least 77 billion games on sale currently, and sometimes it’s easy to forget the little guys when looking for a good discount.  I’m here to nudge you in tinyBuild’s direction so you don’t.


Click here to see tinyBuild’s full list of Steam games on sale



What’s that? A Steam sale you say?  Never heard of her.




Not only is there a giant list of awful to great games to lose yourself in, but their newest potential classic Mr. Shifty is also on sale for 34% off.  That’s more than 33% off like some other “companies” do…

Oh, and did I mention plenty of the DLC for these games are on sale as well?  Because, if I didn’t, I am now.  I could scroll up to find out so I’m not wasting your time with this, but, eh…  I drank a Pepsi earlier and now I’m sleepy.


Here’s a trailer that exists so you know I’m not lying



See?  Look at all those deals!!  Between the random link I posted that you can’t even be close to sure is the real deal and not some porn website virus and the video above, there’s plenty to be devoured.  Like a delicious slice of durian fruit or the last piece of the mealworm pizza left over from last Wednesday.  Besides, I think we should also be informed on their back catalog, because for some reason, nobody knows they’ve put out more than Hello, Neighbor (I know, I was just as shocked as y’all when I found out).

Alright, so now I’m convinced that you’re convinced by my convincing and superb writing, not to mention the subtle shoving I have been doling out towards Steam and its current sale for tinyBuild’s games.  Which ones did you buy?  Which ones will you pretend to play?  I mean, let’s be honest with ourselves…  No one actually plays the games they buy on Steam anyway, right…?


Here are 2 random pictures of Mr. Shifty logos for my viewing pleasure.

PS  Did you know that my phone keeps autocorrecting “Mr. Shifty” to “Mr. Shitty” for some reason?  I know, right?  It’s even weirder because I’m not using my phone to write this article.  Hell, I don’t even have a smartphone…



And when the family got home, they fell to the floor overflowing with extreme happiness because they no longer had to pretend to enjoy spending time with their grandparents when they visited.  Because they died.  Oh, and the killer was calling from INSIDE THE HOUSE the whole time.




In case you were wondering, no, tinyBuild did not pay me to make this article.  This was done of my own accord and if you happen to notice 8 million dollars suddenly in my bank account out of nowhere over the next couple of days it has nothing to do with this.  I sold a Chris Washburn rookie card recently on eBay.  So there.

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