Critically Acclaimed Plaftormer “Splasher” Spattering its Way to Consoles this Fall



The Splashteam and The Sidekicks confirm development of the quirky platformer for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Switch



Montpellier, France – May 18, 2017 Since its launch on Steam last February, Splasher has been critically acclaimed and considered as one of the best platformers of the year so far, with flattering comparisons to hits like Super Meat Boy. The proof is in the pudding. Steam customer reviews to date are 97% positive. Today, the Splashteam and The Sidekicks are thrilled to announce that the Speedrun challenging platformer will be released this fall on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

Splasher is a 2D platformer with unique arcade/action gameplay. Set in a crazy cartoon universe, it offers gamers challenges that require agility, speed, and fast reflexes.

Armed with a splatter cannon, players launch an attack on a paint factory in order to save the workers, called the Splashers and stand up against the evil boss. The amazing paint cannon grants you color superpowers. Splashers can stick to the walls, bounce, or attack enemies. To succeed in this noble mission and put an end to the madness, players will have to put their skills and reflexes to the test and face whatever the factory throws at them.



Splasher has been acknowledged for its inch-perfect level design that makes it very popular in the Speedrun community. The game offers several competitive modes and world leaderboards and started a #SplasherChallenge that led to a fierce competition between players including some very skilled YouTubers and twitchers. As a reward for the developers the game already made its way to the next SGDQ line-up, the most popular worldwide speed run event.

For the players willing to discover Splasher before next fall, the PC edition is available this week on Steam with a special 25% discount offer (until Monday, May 22nd).




About The Splashteam
The Splashteam was founded by Romain Claude, former Game Designer, and Level Designer at Ubisoft (Rayman Origins, Rayman Legends). He gathered a small, talented team, including Richard Vatinel a.k.a Gromy, Art Director, and Aymeric Schwartz, composer and sound designer (Absolver, Rayman Origins or Valiant Hearts), to create Splasher.

About The Sidekicks
The Sidekicks is a video game label founded in 2015 and focusing on PC and Consoles premium games.  In addition to Splasher, its publisher line-up includes highly anticipated games such as Edge of Eternity or Hover; Revolt of Gamers as well as promising titles such as Old School Musical or BAFL.
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