Tower in the Sky: Tactics Edition is Getting a New Home Next Month


Assemble a team of unlikely heroes and unravel the truth about the Ancients in TOWER IN THE SKY: TACTICS EDITION

Launches May 1st on Steam

Don’t let the cute visuals fool you…  Tactical thinking and fast decision-making are required if you intend to survive the bloody battles ahead!!

After an apocalypse leads to the collapse of civilization as we know it, the rich and powerful flee to an orbiting space station. To maintain life support, these so-called “Ancients” send a single spaceship down to Earth every thousand years to gather resources required for their survival… The problem is that you’re one of the people who was left behind – and the arrival of the spaceship has plunged the Kingdom of Tyrune into utter chaos.

Do you have what it takes to unravel the mystery behind the Tower in the Sky and stop the Ancients from pillaging your homeworld?

Build the ultimate squad from a dozen different playable heroes, and place your champions across four different combat lanes – each filled with invading enemies of all shapes and sizes. All characters have unique stats and abilities – and they can be equipped with a huge variety of weapons, items, and collectible T-shirts. Killing enemies gives your characters crystals that can be used to buy upgrades from a Skill Tree – making them even more effective in combat!

Battle and strategize against dozens of unique enemy types across a full single-player campaign that spans a thousand years. Meet a colorful cast of NPCs as you explore the Kingdom of Tyrune and stop the Ancients dead in their tracks.

(Oh, and if you manage to get through the campaign, a New Game+ mode is unlocked for increased difficulty …)

*   Battle and strategize against dozens of different enemy types.
*   Build an effective party by choosing from a dozen playable characters – each with unique stats and abilities.
*   Customize your team with tons of weapons, items, and collectible T-shirts.
*   Encounter a whimsical cast of characters in a cross-genre story that spans thousands of years.
*   Enjoy up to 10 hours of play in the main campaign.
*   Unlock plenty of additional metagame end content along with a challenging New Game+ mode.

Tower in the Sky: Tactics Edition is launching on Steam (Windows only) on Monday, May 1 for $7.99 – 20% off the game’s retail price. The sale will end a week after launch (on May 8).

Based in Eugene, Oregon, Three Brothers Games was founded in 2012 when Eden Corbin began creating a game to help others learn Spanish. After learning several game development technologies, he teamed up with his brother Cosmos to begin developing Tower in the Sky. Cosmos’ love for creating little worlds out of music and art contributed to the visual and audio design – while Eden, as the lead coder, did the heavy lifting to bring the game to fruition. Three Brothers Games has also been involved in the development and publishing of Quadrant Horror (a first-person horror game) on Steam. In addition to Tower in the Sky, another original game is planned for release in 2017. For more information about Three Brothers Games and Tower in the Sky, please visit and

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