Outbreak: The New Nightmare Up on Steam Greenlight



Outbreak: The New Nightmare is the next chapter in the Outbreak series (Available Now on Steam!). Dragging you back to the roots of cooperative survival horror in beautiful high-definition 3D. Experience a brutal fight for survival with new characters, weapons, cinematic camera angles, modern gameplay flourishes and much more. You’ll attempt to survive as you balance a limited inventory, scrounge for supplies and attempt to reach safety. Cooperate with your team to survive, or face a horrifying fate. You only have one life. Make it count!

Outbreak: The New Nightmare is a hardcore co-op survival horror shooter inspired by classic games like Resident Evil and Silent Hill. It pays homage to these classics through crushing difficulty, random item and enemy placement, limited inventory and more. It is currently available for voting on Steam Greenlight with an anticipated Early Access release in 2017.


Teaser Trailer:


Demo Scenario Playthrough:


Outbreak’s transition to 3D opens up the opportunity for a more cinematic, visceral experience. You’ll be directly in the thick of the action as you navigate through the remains of the destroyed city. Facing a limited inventory, puzzles, diabolical foes and more, it will be a true test of survival. To make matters worse, you only have a SINGLE LIFE. You’ll need to scavenge the environment for weapons, ammunition and other supplies if you have any hope to survive. Knives, handguns, shotguns, revolvers and more are the key to making it out of the nightmare alive. Supporting your team by trading items and watching each other’s backs will also be essential.

As with the original Outbreak, the multiplayer modes will run on a cloud-based multiplayer backend. It will not use a P2P connection and you should have virtually no firewall or NAT issues when connecting to friends. With a region selector, you’ll have access to an excellent ping almost anywhere in the world. Outbreak: The New Nightmare is expected to support 3-player online multiplayer co-op, as well as single-player (and offline) modes.


Vote on Steam Greenlight!!

Official Website for Outbreak


  • HD 3D: Experience the nightmare with all of the graphical bells and whistles.
  • Director: Fixed and panning camera angles bring the cinematic feel.
  • Classic: Hardcore survival horror in an unforgiving apocalypse.
  • The cast: Choose from unique characters with their own attributes.
  • Bring friends: 3-player online co-op multiplayer featuring voice chat.
  • Even alone: Play single-player and offline in most game modes.
  • Limited Inventory: You can’t take it all, so choose wisely.
  • Destruction: Numerous firearms and melee weapons available.
  • Never the same twice: Semi-ran enemy and item layouts.
  • Play your way: Customizable gamepad, mouse, and keyboard controls.
  • Worldwide multiplayer: Cloud-based backend with region selector means no NAT issues.


Outbreak: The New Nightmare will have full controller support and is designed for Xbox One and Xbox 360 controllers. In addition, there are fully customizable mouse, keyboard, and gamepad controls.



Outbreak: The New Nightmare is currently available on Steam Greenlight for voting. It is anticipated to enter Early Access on Steam in 2017. There is no information yet on an expected price point.

If you haven’t yet gotten into this universe, you can download the first Outbreak on Steam right now!!  




Founded by Connecticut-based engineer and game developer Evan Wolbach, Dead Drop Studios LLC creates survival horror games inspired by hardcore, unforgiving gameplay mechanics. The studio’s first title, Outbreak, returns to the roots of survival horror while adding a multiplayer co-op twist. Outbreak: The New Nightmare is their newest title, featuring high definition 3D graphics. Dead Drop Studios hopes to revitalize the genre and gather support for more ambitious projects. To learn more, please visit http://www.deaddropstudios.com/.

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