Twin-Stick Shooter/RPG NeuroVoider Announced for PS4 & Xbox One



Next week, shooting commences. 




Paris, France, March 8th 2017 – Today, publisher PLAYDIUS and game developer Flying Oak Games announced that the twin-stick shooter RPG NeuroVoider will be available on PlayStation® 4 on March 14th in North America and on March 15th in Europe, and on Xbox One on March 17th. The game will also be adapted on the Nintendo Switch later this year.

NeuroVoider is also getting additional content on March 10th through its Extended Update on Steam (and already present on consoles), including new legendary weapons, skills, boss variations, achievements, environments, and tunes from Dan Terminus.



You can find below the complete changelog/patch notes:

New “glitched” weapon type (purple items):

  • 15 new weapons more powerful than gold items
  • Glitched items will only appear in level with 5+ loot bars (tips: use stats reboot to
    increase the chance)
  • Glitched items can’t be boosted (as they’re already quite powerful)


New environments:

  • The Graveyard
  • The Metaverse (exclusive to special levels, which don’t spawn with other
    environment anymore)


New skills:

  • I’ve Got the Power: glitched weapons are more likely to drop, but any other item is
    more likely to be less
  • Hard Reset: rebooting levels costs more, but yields better levels
  • Snikt!: destroying robots with a melee weapon gives back some HP
  • Hyper Activity: increases the movement speed of all players


New achievements:

  • Loot a glitched weapon
  • Equip 2 glitched weapons
  • Visit the graveyard
  • Finish a swarm level
  • Finish a super elite level
  • Finish a pitch-black level
  • Beat the game with the hardcore skill


Twice the boss variations (with new weapons)




Playdius is an up-and-coming French independent video game publisher, with the mission to market a selection of handpicked games across platforms, which deserve recognition for their creativity and originality. Benefiting from its experience in digital distribution through its subsidiary Plug-in-digital, Playdius prides itself in curating best-of-breed independent content and providing developers with turn-key publishing solutions. For more information :

About Flying Oak Games:
Flying Oak Games is born from many game jam collaborations over several years. All the team have meet during these fantastic events and we still dedicate ourselves to this community by organizing many local game jams. We are also part of the Global Game Jam organizers family. Flying Oak Games is now composed of talented artists and experienced interaction designers. Our main motivation is to make games that are accessible, instantly fun and addictive. For more information:

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