Sci-Fi Adventure Phoning Home Lands on Steam Today



ION and ANI need our help to get home starting today on Steam for Windows.




BERLIN – Feb. 7, 2017 – Phoning Home, an exploration game following a shipwrecked robot’s mission to contact his world and escape an uncharted planet, launches today on Steam for Windows, with Mac and Linux support planned for a later date.

The story follows ION, an intrepid explorer who must find a way to survive in a hostile environment and send a distress signal home. The ensuing adventure brings the adorable android into contact with colossal creatures, ruins from an ancient alien civilization and harsh landscapes, ranging from an icy tundra to sweltering volcanoes.

Along ION’s journey, he encounters another marooned vessel with a mechanical castaway of its own named ANI, who soon becomes ION’s faithful companion. With ANI’s offensive prowess and ION’s maneuverability, the pair form a symbiotic relationship. The team must rely on one another’s distinct abilities and strengths if either one is to have any hope of survival.



The game features stunning visuals that bring its lush alien world teeming with bizarre beasts, enigmatic portals, and other mysteries to life. With dynamic weather, realistic day-night cycles and a beautiful ambient soundtrack, Phoning Home delivers an authentically compelling world for players to delve into while uncovering the cause behind ION’s crash-landing.


Phoning Home is a captivating game full of secrets waiting to be uncovered and breathtaking environments to explore,” said Marko Dieckmann, founder, ION LANDS. “It’s been a wonderful experience seeing this project transform from a concept into reality and everyone on the team is eager for the PC gaming community to see ION and ANI’s story unfold.”


Phoning Home has full voiceovers in English and German, with localized subtitled versions available in Spanish, French, and Russian. The game is priced at $19.99 USD / € 19.99 via Steam, but has a 10% discount during launch week.

To learn more about Phoning Home, please visit the official website or Steam page.




ION LANDS is a small Berlin-based studio dedicated to creating entertaining and immersive experiences that are as visually appealing as they are engaging, filled with interesting characters and stories. Staffed by AAA developers with portfolios including Dreadnought, LA Noire, The Settlers 2-4, The Void, In Between and Incubation, ION LANDS remains independent to craft its dream gaming experiences without compromise.



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