Rain World GIFs – A Day in the Life of a Slugcat



You are a nomadic slugcat, both predator and prey in a broken ecosystem.  Grab your spear and brave the industrial wastes, hunting enough food to survive, but be wary — other, bigger creatures have the same plan… and slugcats look delicious.




As a vulnerable slugcat separated from your family, you’re left to scour industrial wastelands for food and shelter from the bone-crushing rains.  But plenty of other, stronger creatures are also on the move ― and slugcats look delicious…

Take a gander at some new GIFs for Rain World, coming in 2017 to PlayStation 4 and PC from Adult Swim Games and Videocult:


In Rain World, a living ecosystem is at work: Hungry creatures search autonomously and independently for something to sink their teeth in―but should you encounter them, your behavior will be remembered. Will you chance an attack knowing that if unsuccessful, your prey might hunt you down at the next opportunity? Will you save a cornered creature from its predator in an attempt to gain its trust?



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