Headup Games Announces Launch Date for Toby: The Secret Mine



Toby Begins His Adventure on XB1 Soon; Pre-Orders Now Live!!



Headup Games announced that Toby: The Secret Mine is going to launch on Xbox One on January 20. Pre-order already started today.

The beautifully handcrafted puzzle platformer stands in the tradition of modern classics like Limbo or Badland. The players need to solve challenging puzzles during their adventure in the dark and mysterious world while mastering the jump’n’run gameplay passages on the fly.

Toby: The Secret Mine can be purchased for a price of $9.99 / €9,99 / £7.99 directly on your Xbox One or in the Microsoft Store:



About Toby: The Secret Mine

Enjoy challenging platforming in beautiful environments with ‘Toby: The Secret Mine’. Get ready for a challenging and otherworldly puzzle platformer inspired by games like Limbo and Badland.

A peaceful way of life in a small mountain village is shattered. Someone has kidnapped most of its residents. A few brave souls tried to rescue their friends but none have returned.

… Brave little Toby didn’t want to just sit and wait to see what happens next, so he has set about on his own to solve the mystery. Entering the deep forest, he sees this may be an adventure bigger than him, but he won’t stop.

In “Toby: The Secret Mine”, go with little Toby on an eerie adventure in a dark and creepy world full of dangerous situations, enemies and challenging puzzles. Use our wits, platforming skills, and puzzle-solving abilities to bypass mind-bending puzzles, while avoiding traps and monsters.

– Beautifully handcrafted environments and great visual effects bring an ethereal world to life
– Puzzles of all shapes and sizes await
– Beware traps and enemies, both of which can quickly end Toby’s adventure



About Headup Games

Headup Games is a hybrid games publishing and development company providing players worldwide with the best content in the independent gaming sector. Active on all major platforms such as consoles, mobile devices, and PC, the company has released over 100 titles since its establishment in 2009. With over 50 million customers served on mobile and further several million players on the PC and consoles, Headup Games is always looking to raise awareness and commercial success for developers thinking outside the box. More information can be found at www.headupgames.com

About Lukas Navratil

Lukas Navratil is an indie game developer from the Czech Republic. Before joining the team at Silicon Jelly, he developed the wonderful puzzle-platformer ‘Toby: The Secret Mine’. The game was released on Steam and Mobile in 2016 and is coming to Xbox One and Nintendo Wii U soon. Find more information at navratillukas.com.

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