Lost Odyssey & Blue Dragon Finally Go Digital / Lost Odyssey Free (Limited Time)



Lost Odyssey And Blue Dragon Are Now Available Digitally + Lost Odyssey Free For Limited Time




Microsoft and Xbox have hit a great milestone for the Xbox One this week.  After shocking many with the announcement of Xbox 360 backward compatibility coming to Xbox One at E3 2015, after a year and a half of releases (including huge names like Fallout 3/New Vegas, several Call of Duty games, the entire Mass Effect series, and much more), the platform now has over 300 Xbox 360 games available to enjoy on your current generation console with the Bioshock series putting it over the edge – and what a great series to do so.

If you have never experienced some of the 360 gems available, or if you just want to go back to past loves, you now have a huge library to choose from.  No one thought it could be done.  Hell, even Microsoft didn’t think it were possible.  After a good look at it from Phil Spencer and his team, they decided it was something they needed to tackle, and I for one am so happy they have.  So with that milestone now cemented, Microsoft has given us even more incentive to use the service:  former multi-disc, physical only (and recent BC entries) RPGs Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey are now available digitally!!  Another hurdle the team has overcome.  Previously there was no way to get games with multiple discs on their digital store.  With the work they’ve put into BC, they found a way, and now we can all own these games “forever” without worry of something happening to the discs.

Here’s an excerpt from Major Nelson on the milestone:


With the release of three more Xbox One Backward Compatibility games yesterday, the list of Backward Compatibility titles is now over 300, and data shows many of you are routinely using this feature to play Xbox 360 games on your Xbox One.

While the team behind this feature continues to increase the library of available titles, they’re also expanding the capabilities. When Lost Odyssey and Blue Dragon were initially added to Xbox One Backward Compatibility library, they were only available to players who owned the original discs. But the team engineered a solution and now both titles are available digitally in the Xbox 360 Marketplace.


But those milestones aren’t all.  Because of this feat, to reward everyone (and anyone on the fence) for the support the platform has garnered since it was announced, Lost Odyssey is available for free until the end of 2016.  A wonderful gift indeed.  If you’re interested in reading the entire piece from Major Nelson (with links to buy), please check out his blog here.

I am so excited for what’s to come, and I love the service as it stands.  I will never understand the people who knock the service or the people who want, love, and use it.  Same goes for remasters, but I digress.  Now all we need is for Mr. Spencer to bring those pesky original Xbox games to Xbox One.  I mean, he said he wanted to already…



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