Witty Dungeon Manager ‘War for the Overworld’ Unleashes Survival Mode in Free Christmas Update


Base game discounted 75% in today’s Steam Daily Deal




Brighton, UK – December 13, 2016:  War for the Overworld, the highly-praised dungeon management game with a dark sense of humour, throws down a festive gauntlet with the release of a free Christmas double-update today.


The combined Crucible DLC and Patch 1.5 ‘Trial by Fire’ bring new modes, maps, and units to all those who own the War for the Overworld base game. Featuring the voice of the typically fantastic Richard Ridings, Brightrock Games released this dark-hearted update trailer: 


To toast the update’s release, Steam’s Daily Deal for Tuesday 13th December – running 18:00 GMT (19:00 CET / 10am PT) Tuesday until 18:00 GMT (19:00 CET / 10am PT) Wednesday – knocks 75% off the War for the Overworld base game, with all other editions also reduced (see below):  store.steampowered.com/app/230190


What’s in the update?

  • New survival mode Crucible DLC – Battle wave after wave of ever-stronger enemies
  • New leaderboards – Rise up the global rankings
  • New units – Face-off against Democorns and the mighty Chunder King himself, Baron von Pukemuch
  • New unlockables – Win three new Worker skins in Crucible mode
  • New maps – Six new dungeons exclusively for the new Crucible mode
  • New mutators – Over a dozen Skirmish, Sandbox and Multiplayer mode customisations
  • New voiceover throughout – The delectably despicable Richard Ridings returns
  • New community translation support on the Steam Workshop

The ageless Crucible stands unchanged, while Underlords die ten-a-penny.  But you they will remember, the one that lived the longest.


What is War for the Overworld?

Developed by Brighton, UK-based Brightrock Games, War for the Overworld is a dungeon management game with a dark sense of humour. Players build their very own dungeon with unique rooms, deadly traps, and despicable minions. Facing-off against goodly heroes and vicious rival Underlords, players seek to conquer the realm of Kairos across a number of game modes, including Campaign, Skirmish, Sandbox, and Multiplayer.


Carve out your dungeon – design its layout and create an underground fortress filled with a wide variety of rooms, traps, and minions.

Play as an Underlord who has woken from a deep slumber, as you confront both heroes and rival Underlords across single and multiplayer game modes, including a fully voice-acted campaign.

Choose from over 60 rooms, spells, potions, rituals, defences, and constructs in the Veins of Evil as you advance through the game.

Create entirely new levels in the Map Editor and share them with other players via the Steam Workshop.

Available for PC, Mac, and Linux.


The War for the Overworld base game is 75% off today ($7.5 / €7 / £5.75  / 124.75 ₽) as part of Steam’s Daily Deal for Tuesday 13th December.

In addition, all other War for the Overworld products are heavily discounted:

  • War for the Overworld Underlord Edition (including extra dungeon theme, game soundtrack and The Dungeoneer’s Guide to the Underworld) – 75% off
  • War for the Overworld Gold Edition (Underlord Edition plus Heart of Gold expansion) – 65% off
  • War for the Overworld Heart of Gold expansion standalone DLC – 20% off

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