I Expect You to Die Out Now on PSVR

Schell Games’ award-winning, super-spy VR game I Expect You To Die is now available for PSVR in North America for $24.99.

I Expect You to Die
 is a virtual reality puzzle game where players take on the role of an elite secret agent as they attempt to survive deadly situations in immersive dangerous locales by completing missions using problem solving skills and wits. It’s a race to thwart the evil Dr. Zor without succumbing to traps and tricks that may cause an untimely demise. Players face four unique situations, including being confined inside their evil nemesis Dr. Zor’s car, trapped high on a window washing platform, deep underwater in a submarine and inside a booby-trapped hunting lodge – each delivering a treacherous and intense experience, along with plenty of humor and an occasional cigar, that only a super spy can handle. In addition, players will be treated to a special credits sequence at the beginning of the game, preparing them for the dangers that lie ahead. For those who accept the game’s challenge, the question is – “Will you survive?” The answer – “perhaps.” But we do expect you to DIE.

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