KEMCO RPG Sale: 3 additions to the current Winter RPG Sale



December 09, 2016 – Higashihiroshima, JAPAN – KEMCO proudly announces that 3 iOS titles will be added to the current ongoing Winter Sale of 7 iOS games. All titles will be made available for just $0.99 for a limited time.

Special App Sale

3 KEMCO titles for iPhone will be priced down to $0.99 (88-90%OFF) for a limited period of time on the App Store. It means now you can get 10 titles at a super convenient price!


New Additions:


Also on sale:



The sale will be available in some regions which officially support the corresponding app stores, with the price shown in each respective currency. Please check the store to see the availability of our games in your region.  The sale price might take some time to be applied depending on the marketplace and the region where you live. Please check the price on your device before purchasing.

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