PlayStation Experience 2016 Keynote Liveblog

I’m not in Anaheim, but I’ll bring you all the latest news right here, through the magic of the Internet. Sound cool? Cool.

See you here for the keynote at 10 AM PT.

 11:50 AM – Almost time. I expect a lot of old PS2 darlings, PS4 Pro & PS VR push, and maybe some cool new IP.
11:55 AM – Time for the hype reel. Surprised it might actually start on time.

11:57 AM – Love the PS Livecast crew. They don’t overhype or anything. Perfect.
11:59 AM – Saddened by the fact that this entire pre-show is better produced than the entirety of The Game Awards 2016.
12 PM – Time for the big show.
12:09 – Uncharted: The Lost Legacy is the story DLC for Uncharted 4.
12:24 – Apologies. Was gone due to a Time Warner outage, but I’m actually crying real tears. WipeOut in HD, and Crash in HD. Holy crap. Also, I like I was dead wrong about Marvel vs. Capcom, even if I was technically right in saying that MvC4 wouldn’t be announced it’s Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite, with Marvel vs Capcom 3 Ultimate available now, only on PS4. Yes, there was Destiny stuff, but it’s Christmas update stuff, so nothing too cool.
12:26 PM – RE 7: Biohazard trailer announcing a demo later tonight on PS VR. Finally!
12:28 PM – RE 7 seems to be more familial and personal. Also, first rights to the DLC.
12:29 PM – Might have an Ace Combat I’ll actually play. This seems like the story could be worth something, and combined with PS VR, I think we can have a really good VR game.
12:30 PM – Almost forgot CoD World League and Capcom Cup. Sorry.
12:30 PM – Akuma confirmed for Street Fighter V.
12:31 PM – Shu takes the stage.
12:32 PM – The Last Guardian’s final trailer being shown before release. Looks good, I may have to pick it up at some point.
12:34 PM – PaRappa The Rapper remaster demo available today, Patapon and LocoRoco coming as well, all in 4K.
12:36 PM – Knack sequel? Dammit, Mark Cerny.
12:37 PM – Gravity Rush 2 trailer. Just let me play the game!
12:39 PM – Oh, right. Raven. Free DLC. Pretty rad. I just want the game in my hands. Sorry, Shu :/
12:40 PM – GT Sport trailer. Looks great in 4K, even if the stream isn’t.
12:41 PM – Ni No Kuni 2 trailer. YASSSSSSSS.
12:42 PM – I really hope you can play as all of these characters. Good to see it come out so soon, too.
12:43 PM – Gio, we got it.
12:43 PM – Yakuza 6 trailer. Man, this game looks insanely awesome. Summer 2017
12:44 PM – Yakuza Kiwame (?). Fall 2018. Looks awesome.
12:44 PM – Danganronpa 3 coming to PS4 and PS Vita.
12:45 PM – NieR: Automata coming Spring 2017, and we’ll have a demo soon, but for now, we have a trailer. Love the music. I want it.
12:46 PM – Ys Origin on PS4 & Vita next year.
12:47 PM – Dreadnought is an PS4 console exclusive (meaning it’ll be on PC at some point) that seems to focus on multiplayer ship-to-ship combat. Reminds me a lot of EVE Online and Elite Dangerous.
12:48 PM – OOOOH. Pyre. Supergiant is gonna do multiplayer. Maybe I should go back and finish Child of Light. that a mandolin?
12:50 PM – Vane is a new platformer. Maybe console exclusive?
12:51 PM – Is this Absolver? Is the name right? OK, cool.
12:52 PM – Looked decent?
12:52 PM – What is this horror movie trying to pull? Oh, we finally get to see What Remains of Edith Finch? Awesome. Release date? No? OK.
12:53 PM – I love Tron, but no. Just no. I want The Grid.
12:54 PM – Exclusives reel. I’ll take a look later and pick out the games. I really don’t like when companies do this.
12:55 PM – Story trailer for Let It Die. Seems like Watch Dogs 2 mixed with the film Gamer.
12:56 PM – Available today? You’re really setting your balls on the table, aren’t you, Sony?
12:57 PM – Four more games? I can’t handle this. Stop.
12:58 PM – Lara Croft GO available on PS4 & PS vita today. Wow.
12:59 PM – Windjammers? Uh…ok.
1 PM – Time to talk PS VR.
1 PM – Star Blood Arena, which sounds metal as all hell, is exclusive to PS VR. Looks fun enough, but having played RIGS’s demo, I think there’s a high potential of throw up.
1:02 PM – Please show Rhombus of Ruin and Farpoint. Please?
1:04 PM – Ni-Oh trailer. Well, I guess I’m fine with this, even though you obviously set me up for Ninja Gaiden.
1:05 PM – Time for MLB The Show. Time to fall asleep.
1:07 PM – Hey, my dude. I’m trying to listen. Shut up. Please.
1:08 PM – Yes, Horizon. Gimme.
1:10 PM – Shawn, please. One more thing. Please?
1:11 PM – I’ll admit, I had my doubts on Shawn Layden’s appointment as the boss of PlayStation. Now? I love that dude.
1:12 PM – The Last of Us sequel. Alright, now I can die.
1:13 PM – Whoa. This is pre-Alpha? This looks even better than I could’ve imagined.
1:15 PM – Official title is The Last of Us: Part II. Interesting…
1:16 PM – PSX 2016 keynote is a wrap. Thanks for joining me in this experiment!

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