Maize is Available Today



You’ll Never Eat Popcorn Again…




December 1, 2016 What do a Russian knock-off of an ‘80s toy, a hidden research facility, and talking stalks of corn have in common with one another? Erm, well, maybe you could play Maize, and let us know when you find out?

A first-person adventure that revels in the absurd with the gleeful abandon of a platypus in a pool of pudding, Maize is available today on Steam,, and the Humble Store with a 10% launch discount.

Watch the Maize launch trailer here:



Maize is super-immersive and brimming with visually dynamic interactivity. We’re not actually sure what that’s supposed to mean, but we’re pretty sure Maize has it. After all, how many games have puzzles involving talking corn, coat racks, nuclear fuel rods, and uncomfortably fast coffee trolleys?

Visit more info or follow us on Twitter @FinishLineGames. We do fun memes there, maybe…we’re still figuring out what a meme is.



About Finish Line Games

Finish Line Games is an independent studio based in Toronto and it makes things called “video games.” Caution is advised when approaching members of Finish Line Games’ team before 9a.m. ET, unless it is with coffee. People should consult with a doctor, lawyer, spiritual advisor, chiropractor, and the nice old lady who lives on the corner but has too many cats before consuming any Finish Line Games products (FDA approval pending).

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