Streamline Wants to Run Wild With All



Streamline is full tilt grounders designed to incentivize streamers and community play!




Streamline released this Fall into Early Access; blending a colorful, full-tilt version of grounders together with heavy Twitch integration and community focus.

Proletariat Inc. built Streamline from its inception to bring streaming communities together and promote extra revenue to broadcasters in a completely new way. Twitch Bounty lets viewers purchase directly from a stream (see below) with streamers getting a 30% revenue kickback from the purchase. Streamers can also create custom links for viewers to purchase the game post-stream. With this, viewers can support streamers AND Streamline by purchasing the game!




Streamline pits Runners (competing for the most points) against Hunters, whose sole goal is to eliminate every runner from the game. adds desktop, mobile, and tablet Twitch integration as viewers can bet on the best Runner to win big, change the rules of the game in real-time, and play mini-games to become notorious on stream.

Give your Runner an edge by turning the floor into lava or by bringing them back from the dead. On the other side? Help the Hunter by restricting the Runners’ movements or making them explode if they touch each other!



Streamline is FREE for Twitch Prime subscribers until the end of the month and can be purchased on Twitch and Steam.


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