tinyBuild Announces Guts & Glory



Ordinary people compete in the world’s deadliest challenges.

Welcome to Guts & Glory.




Guts & Glory is a physics based “Happy Wheel 3D” style game that’s made waves on Youtube and is currently on Kickstarter.
  • Developed by HakJak
  • Made in Unity 3D
  • Coming to PC & Xbone + PS4 in 2017
  • Published & ported by tinyBuild
tinyBuild is publishing Guts & Glory and bringing it to consoles.


“TinyBuild is putting its marketing muscle & console porting experience to bring Guts & Glory to PC, Xbox One, and PS4 next year. This year we brought Party Hard, The Final Station, and Clustertruck to both consoles, and Guts & Glory will be a multi-platform game launch as well.

The game is currently on Kickstarter and has some neat exclusive rewards. Go claim your glory there!”


Open Alpha & Private Beta plans

As you may have noticed, we’re happy to share early game builds with everyone. So you should go ahead and download the latest Guts & Glory ALPHA build right now. It’s free. DO IT!  The game will soon go into Private Beta. This beta will be available only to Kickstarter backers.

Guts & Glory will be playable in tinyBuild’s booth at TwitchCon in San Diego this weekend.  If you’re attending, don’t forget to stop by!!

For more info, take a trip to tinyBuild’s blog and get hyped for some Happy fun.



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