Clustertruck Available Now




The world’s most chaotic physics truckformer is out now on Steam and PS4. 




From tinyBuild and Landfall Games, Clustertruck is frantic truckforming at its finest, available today on PC and PS4. Stay calm, don’t touch the ground, and try not to die. Good luck with that.

Use agility and acrobatics to stay atop a convoy of unpredictable, runaway trucks while avoiding lasers, swinging hammers, and flamethrowers. Unlock new abilities, like the grappling hook and time control. Create and download custom levels with Steam Workshop.

Broadcasting on Twitch? Put your fate in the hands of your audience as they vote to, uh…enliven the experience with fiendish modifiers including exploding trucks, bouncy trucks, high gravity, inverted controls and more.



Born as a game jam game by Landfall Games in Sweden, we’ve actually signed it during the launch of Punch Club. For the past 9 months we’ve worked really hard to make it into a full game, and to bring it to consoles. PS4 has just launched in the USA and is launching in Europe on Friday. Meanwhile Xbox One is ready and we’re figuring out a good launch date for that platform.   —  Alex Nichiporchik, CEO of tinyBuild


Check out Clustertruck on Steam and PSN today!!   Coming soon to XBL.



Heazie’s Take:  

Who hasn’t played a little bit of “the floor is lava” as a kid?  Who hasn’t run around as an adult “doing parkour” on random objects whether with friends or alone?  Boring people, probably.  Clustertruck looks to be a really fun mix of both those activities and I for one can’t wait to fool around with these trucks on console.



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