Brick Breaker Bounces Off the Wii U eShop September 15th in Europe & America


Bangkok, September 8th, 2016. – Sanuk Games is proudly dropping Brick Breaker onto the Wii U eShop, on September 15th in both Europe and America.  The price is set at $4.99 / €4.99.

Tear down this wall! Brick Breaker, the classic arcade game, is back with a breathtaking new version. Its timeless gameplay is filled with surprises. Sharpen your reflexes and precision, collect bonuses, avoid traps and shoot your way to victory. Brick Breaker will offer you many hours of fun and entertainment!

·       The single player mode will offer you a hundred different levels to overcome.

·       The multiplayer mode will offer 2, 3 or 4 players to defend one wall each in fierce competitions.

Brick Breaker is Sanuk Games’ fourth release on Wii U, after “Spot The Differences – Party!”, Bombing Bastards and Tetraminos. Like its three predecessors, it offers a contemporary, state-of-the-art rendition of a classic gameplay.

It will be followed by two more classic games in the upcoming months: Mahjong and Solitaire.




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