Loot Rascals Fires Off a New Trailer



Loot Rascals, a roguelike strategy experience with collectible card game elements and a retro sci-fi aesthetic, will land on PlayStation 4 and PC in Q1 2017.
Created by ex Hohokum developers and an Adventure Time animator, Loot Rascals challenges players to fight eccentric aliens, robots, and monsters while escaping a hostile planet.


Crashed on a hostile alien world in the depths of space, you must fight your way to freedom with only your wits to keep you alive.

Your fellow survivors might lend you a hand… or betray you!

Loot Rascals is a tale of friendship, loss, and redemption.

Made by some of the folks who brought you Hohokum, and featuring:

Art from Swatpaz (Adventure Time, Cartoon Hangover) and Meowza (Glitch, Alphabear).

Music from Grandmaster Gareth (Misty’s Big Adventure).

Check out some screens and video of the game below!!



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