The Morning Men March Onto Steam Greenlight



August 18, 2016 Episodic story-driven RPG, Morning Men, is launching its Steam Greenlight campaign today and is being planned for release later this year on Steam!

We’ve asked for your voice and you shouted. After placing Morning Men on Steam GreenlightConcepts, your votes skyrocketed our game into the Top 3 of best concepts in the last week, just in a few hours. Two hours later we were in the Top 3 for the last month. One day later, we’ve reached the Top 3 for the last six months. You loved our art, so we’ve created more of it. You liked the story, so we’ve broadened it. You had some comments regarding the animations, so we’ve re-made them. Now we’re in the final stages of development and we need your votes more than ever – we want to bring you the best game we can create. Vote for Morning Men on Steam Greenlight and let us show you why we’re so proud of it!



Morning Men is being developed by Pixel Federation, a Slovak indie game development studio, and is planned to be released in Fall 2016.
Steam Greenlight page:
Platform:  Steam for PC and Mac
Greenlight start:  August 18, 2016

Twitter:  @MorningMenGame
Facebook:  MorningMenGame



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