Pengame Announced for PC & Consoles


1C Company is happy to announce that Pengame, an action-platformer with a unique, completely hand-drawn aesthetic style, is coming to PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One!!


Take on dozens of enemies utilising everything in your arsenal – ranged and melee weapons, special powers, acrobatic skills and even time manipulating abilities. Keep the combat fluid, don’t get hit, and murder everything that gets between you and your goal!

Play as Stickman, the chosen one, hero of the notebook, and the true king of England. Everybody calls him #5, but don’t worry about the formalities! Fight your way through the notebook of a 16-year-old student, who made the mistake of drawing the most evil thing in the universe: The Teacher! Defeat her, before the corruption consumes everything in the book!

Key Features:
♦ Fully voice acted campaign with a unique story and characters.
♦ All hand drawn graphics, everything animated frame by frame.
♦ 50+ different enemy types.
♦ Dozens of unique boss fights!
♦ Huge semi-linear levels.
♦ Skill based acrobatic combat system – choose your unique skill set, and upgrade your weapon arsenal!
♦ Win against impossible odds thanks to your time manipulating abilities!
♦ Inventive arcade mode game types to play: Time King of the Hill, Survival of the Fittest, Hell tower Defense, The Grim Reaper.

The game is currently looking at a Q1 2017 release window, with the full game hitting, no Early Access.


1C Publishing

Official Game Website

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