Action/Point ’n Click Adventure Dreambreak Available Now!!



DreamBreak is out now on Steam and GOG!!  Pick up the base game for $6.99 or game + special edition with Russian digital extras for $9.99.

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Dreambreak LE


About Dreambreak

An authoritarian state pacifying the masses with propaganda.A brutal police force that shoots first then shoots some more. A reluctant hero plunged into a shadow world of intrigue and hidden agendas.

Depicted in a distinctive Cyrillic pixel art style, the cyberpunk cityscape of Project Dreambreak crackles with tech-noir intrigue and neo-digital deceptions. Using every tool at your disposal help Eugene to unpick the knot of mystery that he has become enmeshed within – your equilibrium will be rocked as you point and click a path through this briar patch of tangled meaning and unexpected quixotic quirks.

Will Eugene make sense of the conundrum that unfolds before him, learn who is an ally or a foe and collect lots of vinyl records for his listening pleasure? He’ll race rapid hover bikes to earn sub-cultural respect, rub shoulders with high society in a post-modern nightclub, hack the brains of pursuing drone cops in thrill-packed chase sequences, strive to survive tense shootouts with merciless law enforcers and enjoy some 8-bit cowboy coin-op action in a dingy dive bar with a broken toilet.


– A unique blend of action and point ’n click adventure
– Multiple possible endings
– A distinctly Russian style of visuals and storytelling
– Fix a toilet


Heazie’s Take:

An action AND point and click adventure game?   An interesting art style?   Different endings?  All these things are big wins for someone like me.  But, if I’m being honest…  They had me at “fix a toilet” automatically.



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