Teaching Games to Mom: Co-opting Toward Hatred’s New Video Series



In a crazy sly move, YouTube channel Co-opting Toward Hatred‘s own Johnny Vinyl stole   – DOWNRIGHT STOLE an idea I was planning on trying with my girlfriend when her insane work schedule and my laziness permitted, right down to the exact first game!!  I never told anyone this idea, so he obviously hacked into my brain for this intel, which is clearly something I know  he does, because this is an idea no one could have ever come up with on their own, and only I have the capacity to think of it.   I may re-steal it back at a later date.  He’ll never suspect a thing…




Check out their first video below tackling the WWI-focused Valiant Hearts: The Great War, subscribe to their channel (and ours, of course!!), and continue on the mother-son journey along with us.  Or don’t, but you’d only be hurting yourself if you didn’t.   I’m not saying you need it to survive, but you also didn’t need that iPhone upgrade a year into your contract and the 3rd iPad in your household “just for the bathroom”, either, now did you?


PS  I’m still super jealous you have a Smash Bros. DeDeDe amiibo.   I would fight you for it, but, I bruise like a peach.  Not like the Peach.  I assume she hardly bruises at all after all these years.


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