Supercell is now worth over $10 billion

Supercell, the development studio behind the games you keep seeing at the top of the iOS App Store like Clash of Clans, has been valued at $10.2 billion thanks to Tencent Holdings giving the studio $8.2 billion to buy some stake in the company, effectively making Tencent the owner of the Supercell studio.

This will happen in stages, with the entire deal going through in Quarter Three of the current fiscal year. Tencent is purchasing the majority stake from Japanese mobile phone company SoftBank, and as long as there aren’t any problems regarding regulation, Tencent will become the majority shareholder in the development studio, while SoftBank just walks away, having nothing to do with Supercell.

In 2015, Supercell was then valued at $5.25 billion, meaning that the company double its value as a result of the deal as well as making Tencent the leading company in the PC gaming industry, due to their relationship with Riot Games’ League of Legends.

Tencent will be acquiring the rights of Clash of ClansHay DayClash Royale and Boom Beach. This is, provided the deal goes through.

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