Mighty No. 9 is having a rough first day

Hey, Mighty No. 9 is finally out. It took three years, but dammit, it’s out.

However, some players, including backers,  seem to be getting the short end of the stick. A Steam thread reveals that Humble Bundle’s keys included two copies of the “Retro Hero” pre-order DLC, instead of a key to both Retro Hero and the Ray DLC.

It’s since been acknowledged by Comcept and assures “their team is looking into it!”.

People who bought the PSN version of the game are reporting that their keys being able to be redeemed. Comcept is also aware of this issue and says that people should try again at a later, unspecified time, as the keys take time to become active.

On top of this, don’t expect any new stuff for the game past this point. Oh, and if you’re wondering where your PS Vita, Mac, Linux, Xbox 360 or 3DS copies are, they should be “out in several days”, they’ve just got a few bugs to work out.

The featured image is courtesy of Imson over on DeviantArt.


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