Mass Effect: Andromeda shows you how the galaxy has changed

“How far will we go?” is the question Aaryn Flyn asks the audience. This is the core of Mass Effect: Andromeda‘s development as well as the basis for the story. Humans are aliens, and the “aliens” we think of aren’t too happy about us trying to set up shop around their neighborhood.

There’s not a lot of information, but we do know that your ship is called Tempest, the Mako is back and it’s going to launch in Early 2017. In Fall, we’ll get even more details. Until then, keep checking in on us on here.

Source: Mass Effect

My take: Obviously, this is not at all what I wanted. I wanted a full gameplay walkthrough, complete with character creation and maybe even ship customization. Hell, at the very least, a Mass Effect Trilogy re-release, just not this. This is the same sort of video documentary we’ve been seeing since it’s announcement, and that does not bode well.

While I’m sure this game will be fine, I’m starting to have my doubts, especially since BioWare is scheduling this to launch in “Early 2017”, which is anytime from January-March of 2017, if I understand business correctly.

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