Here’s the Star Wars game you’ll be playing in the somewhat near future

You want to know about what Star Wars games are being worked on across EA?

Well, Visceral is working on what looks to be a The Force Awakens-era action-adventure game with Amy Hennig, Todd Stashwick, and Jade Raymond in 2018.

Motive Studios is working with DICE on…something Battlefront related. We just don’t know what, but it’s out in 2017.

Criterion’s working on a VR game with DICE for PlayStation VR and that’s out this year.

As for games that are currently out, The Old Republic and Galaxy of Heroes will still be supported with new content updates and expansions.

Then, sometime in the somewhat far future, Stig Asmussen, now with Respawn Enterainment will release his game that will feature lightsabers.

Source: EA Blog

My Take: As I was going through the press release, I find myself more confused than I was when I started this article. For example, I thought Motive was working on Battlefront by themselves. Not so, apparently. Even stranger, the only 2016 projects for the franchise are a VR game and updates to games that are already out.

For all things Star Wars, you know where to go.

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