VIDEOBALL Gets a Release Date


For those who enjoy games like #IDARB and Sportsfriends (just to name a couple), VIDEOBALL is exactly the game you are looking for.  For those who have no idea what any of these games are, VIDEOBALL may just be the game you had no idea you needed…

Take a look at the quirky (and in my opinion, pretty damn funny) release date trailer:


OK, sure, that was a few laughs, platforms (PS4, XB1, Steam) and a release date (July 12, 2016), but you’re likely wondering –  how does the game play?  Probably like this:



This isn’t something that either company is saying, but personally, I hope this turns into this year’s Rocket League or #IDARB.  Sure, it doesn’t have any of the clout that RL had (and now definitely has), but it for sure can at least hit #IDARB levels across the board.  And if that’s where it finally lands, consider me a happy camper.  This game looks great, and we all know how much I love #IDARB.  If you don’t, well, now you know.  I love #IDARB.  A lot.

Arriving at $9.99, the barrier to entry isn’t a huge one, and seeing as the game offers local co-op and competitive multiplayer as well as online, including a bevy of customizable rule sets, well, the fun is only as limiting as you want to make it.

Created by Action Button Entertainment and published by Iron Galaxy, this July is going to be a sports fan’s month to go hard in the paint.  Knock one out of the park.  Blaze it into the 5 hole.  Run a fly pattern deep to the end zone.  Insert famous soccer term here.  Does lacrosse have any cool phrases?



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