New Umbrella Corps Gameplay Video



In less than a few weeks (6/21/16) Capcom will be releasing Umbrella Corps.  In case you don’t follow us here or have somehow missed what this game is, I’ll break it down for you quickly:

Umbrella Corps is a 3rd person multiplayer online shooter that mixes PVP and PVE in close quarters combat for PS4 and PC.

See?  I told you I’d be quick.  If you want more in-depth info take a look at the links below.  As for today, IGN has given us a video with over 5 minutes of straight up action, with no-nonsense like voice over or quick cut, pre-edited scenes to blend into one another.  Simply put, it’s a peek at 2 of the modes we can look forward to when the game releases.  Take a look:



OK, so, it’s no secret that I have been “championing” this game since they first revealed it last year.  I’ve always put cautious optimism forth, though, because you can never be too sure just how a game will turn out without seeing a good portion of it in action, or playing it for yourself.  With that said, Capcom hasn’t been shy about bringing this game to conventions and trade shows all over the world since that announcement, allowing press and fans alike to play it and share their impressions.  The majority of said impressions have been pretty positive, from both sides.  That has always made the optimism I held shine through a bit more.  After the video above, I can say that the optimism is still shining.  I know, I know, I know…  A lot of the internet thinks it looks bad.  I just simply don’t agree.

This isn’t RE7.  I have no issues with something like this existing.  Hell, I don’t even typically enjoy (mostly) online multiplayer games, but something about this game hits that sweet spot for me.  I don’t really even know what it is right now.  Is it the short matches?  Maybe.  Is it the setting?  Maybe.  Gameplay?  Maybe.  Is it the $30 or $40 price tag?  Maybe.  Is it everything I’ve seen all jumbled into the final product?  Probably.  Whatever the reasoning, I can’t help but still feel optimistic.  Cautiously…



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