Umbrella Corps Returns to Raccoon City

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Here we are, less than a month from Umbrella Corps debuting and Capcom has given us a brand new trailer to whet our appetites for team-based, online zombie and player slaughter.



As you can see from the trailer above (and of course, the title of this article), Umbrella Corps once again deploys players to iconic Raccoon City and the beloved RPD from Resident Evil 2 and 3 (even with the “upgrades” to the landscapes).  Nostalgia will be what it is, but overall, these locations do still look wonderful, especially now in a modern engine like Unity.  Yes, this isn’t the 2nd REmake, but I do think what we’ll get will look beautiful once we get our hands on it.  Your mileage, as always, may vary.

Not to be outdone by just showing off new locals, we also get a bit of footage from the various modes in the game:

Multi-Mission – 3 on 3 with 8 unique ways to play: Target Hunter, Respawn, Collector, Domination, DNA Hunter, Collar War, Protector, and  SP DNA Hunter

Single Player Trials called “The Experiment”

One Life Match – as the title suggests, make your life count


A quick peek at the Single Player mode


As you’d expect, the trailer also revisits previously revealed locations like RE5’s Africa and Code: Veronica’s Antarctica, throwing more fast-paced mayhem at us to show off just what the game is all about.  And, in true Capcom form, we finally get a glimpse at some DLC:



The Upgrade Pack contains legacy characters skins, or, more correctly, masks of legacy characters for our mercs to wear, and whether we can customize them like the normal mercs remains to be seen.  This will be available at launch seperately for $14.99, but if you purchase it via the Deluxe Edition, you save $5. The Deluxe version is $39.99.  The 2nd pack is the Fashion Victim Set, and that looks to be adding in more customizable color options for the player characters.  This is a pre-order bonus, but like most add-ons of this ilk, it’ll likely become available for all down the line at a cost.  If you do pre-order on PS4, you’ll also receive a free dynamic theme with sounds and art from the game.  You can read more in depth here.  Whatever your thoughts on DLC are, it’s not going away, and won’t negatively affect your game, so at this point, we all just have to grin and bear it, especially if you fall on the “not acceptable” side.

And, if you’re in Japan, you can snag one of these bad boys.  Lucky devils…

I don’t know exactly what it is, whether it be the stylized trailers, my already pre-determined love for the RE brand, or just the fact that I truly do think this game looks interesting and fun, with each new reveal, the more optimistic I get for this game.  “Cautiously” is still at the forefront of that, though it gets smaller and smaller every time.  It’s not going to disappear, but with every new trailer and info dump, the fast-paced action sucks me in and my brain says it looks cool.  That has to account for something, right?

Umbrella Corps launches on PlayStation 4 and PC June 21, 2016.



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