The Technomancer Shows off its Companions



In case you don’t know too much about The Technomancer, I’ll give you a bit of a breakdown, because I think it’s definitely a game to keep your eye on over the next month and a half:

The Technomancer is a Sci-Fi Action-RPG developed by Spiders, to be published by Focus Home Interactive.  The game is set during the War of Water, which is about 200 years after humans made it to Mars and colonized.  One of the developers’ previous games was Mars: War Logs, and The Technomancer is set in that same universe.   This new game will give a much grander showing of the Red Planet and will boast 30-50 hours of game play, skewing towards the latter should you look to do all of the side quests.  And if there are Achievements/Trophies tied to those quests, I’m sure that time will be what many go for.

Check out a lengthy and informative game play trailer here (or below):


And check out the newest trailer, showcasing the various companions you’ll be able to travel the Martian surface with:


There’s plenty of more info out there if you fancy what you’ve just read or seen, and you should take a look if that’s the case.  Now, I would by lying if I said what we’ve been shown didn’t look really appealing to me.  I’d also be lying if I said I was hardcore into this game/world for a long time.  I wasn’t.  In fact, up until a couple of months ago, I had no idea it existed.  There’s just so many games that get announced and/or released every single week that to be on top of everything would take someone akin to Superman to handle.  However, that does not mean that once I found it, I shouldn’t be allowed to get excited.  And excited I feel.

The game looks like a mix of a lot of recent games, and to me, that isn’t a bad thing.  From what I see, personally, it feels like a mix of Batman’s Arkham series, Mass Effect, Dragon’s Age, and Fallout.  That is not a terrible group to be associated with, not by a long shot.  There’s still a little more than a month to go before the June 28, 2016 release on PC, PS4, and XB1, so I expect (and hope) we keep getting more glimpses into this game and world right up until then.

What say you?  Are you looking forward to this game?  Excited as well?  Did you even know prior to this or anything you may have seen somewhere else recently about the game?  Get at us below, or on any of our various social medias if you want to talk about it!!  Show support to the social media worlds of the devs and publisher as well if you found a new game to play this summer.  I’m sure they’d appreciate the love!!

Oh, and click an image to take a gander at some screenshots to help you get acquainted with this new world that we’ll all potentially be traversing next month.



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