Shocking News: Disney Infinity Canceled



In a very shocking turn of events, Disney has come out this afternoon and closed down their video game business after a huge loss $147 million.

I guess the series has not been selling as well as we all thought.  Even with Marvel and Star Wars on board, it looks like amiibo, LEGO, and Skylanders has taken The House of Mouse out of the “Toys to Life” genre, and gaming in general.  It’s a sad day for fans across the globe.


Series 1 of the Marvel Playset
These heroes couldn’t save Disney.
Neither could Star Wars…





The recent crazy sales of figures and playsets in many stores (Best Buy had major sales in April), I just thought was good timing for sales.  I never expected this.  Turns out, not many others did, either.  Follow the above Twitter accounts for more breaking info.

With the plans to release Alice:  Through the Looking Glass this month and Finding Dory in June already near completion, those will be the final Disney INfinity products to be produced.  Grab all you can, because once the figures and playsets are gone, they’re gone for good.



For more info, you can check out Kotaku’s article.

Confirmed by Disney.

What Infinity 4.0 could have been – Kotaku




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