Pokemon Sun & Moon Info Trailer (Starters & Release Date)



The wait is over, Pokéfans!!  Today, Nintendo and The Pokémon Company have finally unveiled some much wanted information in the form of the Pokémon Sun & Moon Starter Trailer.  Rumors have been going around for a few days over the types and animals we’d be seeing, and today we can finally confirm or deny it all.  Not only do we see the cute little guys we’ll be starting our new adventure with, but we were treated to the somewhat unsurprising release date and also the Legendary Pokémon who will grace the covers of these new games in the long running hit series.


Aren’t you just a little bit glad AND sad its not these guys?


These are the bad boys we’ll be hunting down this time around.


Set in the Alola region (loosely based off of Hawaii), trainers will be traveling a nice warm climate this time around. Though, with the looks of mountain area, there could still be some cold weather waiting for us.




With plenty more information to be dripped out in the coming months, fans of the pocket monsters will not be left wanting for much longer.  Sun & Moon are set to release on 11/18/16.




Now, enjoy some pictures while you scroll down to the trailer proper:






Who else hopes these guys make a reappearance this Fall?

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