Free Battlefield DLC Right Now



Yep, you read that correctly.  If you’re an Origin or EA Access member, Battlefield: Hardline and Battlefield 4 Premium content is currently free, which contain all the map packs out now.

If you also didn’t know, EA and DICE are gearing up for the Battlefield 5 reveal on 5/6/16, and because of that, everyone, whether an Access member or not gets the Robbery expansion for Hardline and the Dragon’s Teeth expansion for BF4.  This includes PS4 players as well (since Sony decided EA Access was a bad deal for consumers), though PSN currently has these games on a deep sale if you’re interested.

Here, enjoy some random Battlefield artwork.




Don’t get caught sleeping and let this deal pass you by.  Go download your content now through whatever service you use, and keep your eye out for the Battlefield 5 news undoubtedly swarming the internet Friday.  Do you still play these games?  Are you now picking up this DLC?  Do you already own it?  Comment below and we’ll chat about it.  Maybe.  I think my keyboard is getting messed fhuefpif……………………1203


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