Fallout 4’s 1.5 Update and Survival Mode Out This Week



With the news of Far Harbor’s release dropping today, and the news of when official mods are arriving on consoles last week, we also got the other Fallout 4 news that console players have been waiting for:  Survival Mode’s release date.



In the new Survival Mode, this doesn’t exist anymore. Get used to it.


That’s Friday May 6th in case you’re not so good with the math.  2 days from now, we’ll all be shouting at our TV screens because that god damn bloatfly took us out and we hadn’t saved in 3 hours.  It could be glorious.


Thought these guys were dangerous before? Shit, you don’t even know, man…


If you want a bigger rundown of what the mode has to offer, you can travel here to see just what you’ll be getting into starting this week.  No word yet on any new Achievements or Trophies, but since the PC version didn’t get any, I doubt we will.  Which I think we can all agree is a shame.  Step your game up, Bethesda!!




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