Fallout 4’s Creation Kit (Mods) Now Available



For those who have been waiting for the official Fallout 4 Creation Kit to become available on PC officially (it had been in beta for a little while), today’s the day you’ve been looking forward to.  You can now mod with the actual tools Bethesda used to create the best-selling game fans have been putting hundreds of hours in since November.  Here are the tweets that shared this news:



Another tweet gave a hint at consoles.


We’ve all been there…


The link in those tweets directs you here, with even more news.  More specifically, at least for us “lowly console peasants” in that we have a rough timeline for mods ourselves.  May for Xbox One (I’m guessing after Far Harbor) and June for PlayStation 4.  Pretty much in line with the original plan.  That could certainly change, but for now, we’re that much closer.  You’ll still need to create the mods on PC if you were looking to dabble in that arena, but mods created with the official tools will finally allow console players to experience the joys of modded Fallout – approved content, obviously.  Don’t expect the beloved “nude” mods to be available, or anything licensed.  But, beggars can’t be choosers.

Bottom line:  Official PC mods are here and console mods are almost here!!   HUZZAH!!




Official Bethesda Blog Post with the Creation Kit news.

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