ICYMI: A Fallout 3 Stream Happened



For those interested, you can find that stream either on our Twitch or our YouTube pages.  I’ll also link it below to watch here.  This stream will happen at least once a week, with the goal to be Sundays in late afternoon or early evening.  How long we go depends on the world around us.  If we get enough fever for it, I will look to up the schedule, but, I think once a week is fine for now.  Let us know what you think, good or bad in the comments down below.


“The beginning of our journey to the end of Fallout 3.  We start off in Vault 101 and end in Megaton.

I’m sorry, I had no idea my mic is apparently dying.  No one told me in the chat and we had plenty of people watching.  And they were responding to me, so…  I’ll fix that for the next stream!!





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