Among the Sleep Gets a Physical Release

Among-the-Sleep (1)


First Person Horror Adventure-Puzzle game Among the Sleep is currently available digitally on PC and PlayStation 4, with an Xbox One version supposedly coming out at some point.  That’s even more dripping with “supposedly” because  today developer Krillbite Studio has entered into a partnership with publisher SOEDESCO to bring this award-winning unique game to store shelves this Summer, worldwide.

A brief synopsis of the game:

“In Among the Sleep players get to experience horror from the very unique but recognizable viewpoint of a two-year-old child. The creaking of the stairs, the incessant scratching of branches on the window, in time they grow into monsters in the mind of a child. Yet the monsters in Among the Sleep are not the kind of monsters you would expect.

Through exploration and atmosphere players get to experience the fears and trepidations a two year old might experience. Fully immersive, with extensive detailing to give players a true sense of being helpless, scared and woefully unprepared.”




I recently had the time to really sink my tooth (yes, I only have one) into this game on PS4 and spoke a little about it on our latest podcast.  Do us a solid and check that out if you’re interested in hearing what I thought.  No word on if this release will include the DLC Prologue level that is currently on PC.  If this was included in the PS4 version, I couldn’t find a way to access it.

These are the only 2 platforms announced as of this moment (both versions sell digitally for $14.99; no word on the boxed pricing), so what that means for the Xbox One port is anyone’s guess (here is the latest info the studio has given us).  Hopefully that version won’t be put to rest completely.




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