Left 4 Dead 2 Now Backwards Compatible on XB1

Left 4 Dead 2 CGW


Guess what’s now backwards compatible for Xbox One?!?!  Well, if you can read headlines or notice pictures, you already know it’s Left 4 Dead 2.  A game that was leaked/rumored/what have you previously has now finally been dropped in our zombie-loving laps.  Or zombie-loving plates.  Or shooter-loving console.  Whatever your phraseology.  Go download it now you undead murderers!!  Not that you’re undead and you murder people, I mean that you murder the undead.  Is it technically murder if they are already dead?  Or if they are trying to eat you?





You may have to restart your console for the disc/store download to be available.  Either way, STAY AWAY FROM THE WITCH.

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