Xbox Live Tournaments Platform announced

On the heels of Xbox Live allowing cross-network play, Microsoft has announced that the Xbox Live SDK (Software Development Kit) will be soon integrating tournament play, meaning that players will be able to see upcoming competitions, sign up for them, and launch games all while on the Xbox One or Windows 10 gaming platforms.

“Esports is not a new trend. It’s not a new fad. It’s very clearly here to stay,” said Jason Ronald. “If you’re a developer that’s already used to running your own tournaments, you can run your own tournaments. Everything from small, community-driven events up to large-scale pro events.”

Now, developers won’t have to go out and make special events on Twitter or Facebook to get the word out there. They can just speak directly to the people who are already playing on a competitive level.

While this is cool, it’s not something that’s going to happen overnight. The update is currently in the developer preview stages, and likely won’t be seen until later on in the year.

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