Below is coming out this Summer

Below, the next game from Capybara Games, the team behind such games as Super Time Force and Superbrothers: Sword & Sorcery and is relatively well known for being big fans of pixel art, hence why most, if not all, of their games have a distinctive look to them.

Well, Below is different. Gone are the pixels of yore, and nigh is the age of 3D sprites, but it’s not without style. In Capybara’s newest game, a sort of blur attempts to shroud your character in darkness and to remind yourself to be cautious, because after all, this game is probably going to be difficult, if early gameplay and the studio’s past games are any indication.

You see, Below is a roguelike, so if you die, your progress is lost.  Get ready to be frustrated.

Below will release this  Summer on Xbox One and Windows 10 gaming platforms, but while you wait, here’s a cool new trailer to feast on.


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